Corns are small circles of hard skin that usually develop on the tops and sides of toes or on the sole of the foot. They are caused by prominent bony lumps and bumps, often in association with claw and hammer toe deformities. In most cases corns have excellent cosmetic and symptomatic results and can be permanently removed. 

The two most common types that we see are:

Hard Corns:- These are the most common and appears as small, concentrated areas of hard skin up to the size of a small pea, usually within a wider area of thickened skin or callous, and can be symptoms of feet or toes not functioning properly.

Soft Corns:- These develop in a similar way to hard corns. They tend to appear between toes and have a rubbery in texture. Sweat, or inadequate drying cause this type of corn.



How we can treat you

  • We will be able to remove corns painlessly, apply padding or insoles to relieve pressure, or fit corrective appliances for long-term relief.
  • As a registered podiatrist/chiropodist we will be able to reduce the bulk of the corn through debriding the hardened skin.
  • We can apply astringents to cut down on sweat retention between the toes.
  • A corn is a result from an underlying problem, such as poor gait or inadequate footwear we will investigate and treat this.
  • We will also offer advise on how to care for your feet in the future.

We strongly advise that you don’t cut corns yourself, especially if you are elderly or diabetic as complications are likely to arise. Avoid corn plasters or paints which can burn the healthy tissue around the corns. Other potentially dangerous treatments are home remedies, such as lambswool around toes. Commercially available ‘cures’ should be used only following professional advice. Please come in to see us if you would like your Corn treated.