Sustainability in practice

Great news, my good friend and Dental Practice owner Christine Osborne has been recently awarded the Green Impact Dentistry Gold Award. This has been a very long and challenging objective for the dental team however it has been well worth it to ensure that the premises fulfil sustainability objectives and reduce waste. As all my existing patients already know, and for all new readers of my website, my podiatry clinic has the very fortunate position of being situated in the..

Test your toes- Lloyds Pharmacy

It is important with diabetes that you keep an eye on any changes in your feet so checking your toes weekly means that you’ll pick up any problems early so they can be far more successful treated. The test is easy to carry out in the comfort of your own home with help from a member of your family, a friend or a carer.


Sit or lie down with your shoes and socks off and close your eyes. Ask..

Diet and type 2 diabetes talk on the 1st June 2015

There is a very interesting talk happening on the 1st June at 2pm at Parkview community centre, with Nicola Clarke Specialist dietician- diabetes and Sally Hodgkins BSc (Hons) MChS – Podiatry.

They will be discussing diet and foot care for people with type 2 diabetes such as:

What is diabetes?



How to help lower your risk of diabetes

Diet and lifestyle advice

Specific advice of foot care and diabetes


To book a place call or email Bob..

Spring is coming

We hope you had a wonderful cosy winter with your feet all wrapped up in boots and socks however you will now already have felt the change in the seasons and with the happy expectation of spring and sandles. With all the extra daylight you will feel more energetic and need your feet to be healthy and ready to take you places in comfort.

If your feet are feeling a little overwhelmed you might like to think about a little..

Are you ready for a challenge?

We are now firmly in the season that encourages us to stretch ourselves- pun intended. Yes…the challenge season!

Sally has just returned from Scotland enjoying the fantastic displays of physical endurance by the Common Wealth Games athletes.

She actually pushed through her own physical barriers in spring this year when she completed the Surrey Half Marathon which took her from Guildford to Woking and back. She raised a fantastic amount for CAMDY Caribbean Adolescent Mothers and disadvantaged Youths.

Prudential RideLondon-Surrey – 10..

Healthy Feet for Autumn Walks


After a fantastic Summer we are now all looking forward to enjoying the changes in season as the Autumn approaches.

At Parkview we are very keen to help and promote our patients well being – and we all know how good it feels to be able  to get out into the fresh air letting our feet take us walking. However getting back into boots and shoes is hard if you have painful feet!

You might be surprised to know that between 75%..