Test your toes- Lloyds Pharmacy

It is important with diabetes that you keep an eye on any changes in your feet so checking your toes weekly means that you’ll pick up any problems early so they can be far more successful treated. The test is easy to carry out in the comfort of your own home with help from a member of your family, a friend or a carer.


  1. Sit or lie down with your shoes and socks off and close your eyes.
  2. Ask a family member or carer to use their forefinger to gently touch the tip of your big toe for 1-2 seconds. The touch should be light, not pressing down hard.
  3. Next, ask them to gently touch their forefinger to the tip of your little toe, then middle toe
  4. Repeat on the other foot.
  5. Record any loss of feeling and tell your GP or Registered Podiatrist.


Your basic everyday routine should include:

  • Washing your feet with soap and water, making sure the water’s not too hot.
  • Exfoliating to prevent the build up of hard skin, then rinsing well with warm water.
  • Drying your feet carefully, especially between your toes.
  • Moisturising to keep your skin soft, but avoid applying in the area between your toes.
  • Examine your feet for cuts, blisters, swelling or redness on a regular basis.
  • Always wear something on your feet, don’t walk around bare footed.
  • Cut toenails straight across every 6-8 weeks.

 foot rub image